Heritage Berkshire Pork


We raise Berkshires for the premium quality of their meat. Not to mention it is also because they so nice and friendly.

Pork FAQ

Are your Pigs Naturally raised?

Our pigs are raised and live outside. They root around all day, play in the mud and have a clean shelter filled with straw that is replaced as needed.The pigs have all natural grains available to them 24 x 7. Pigs are the cleanest and smartest animals on the farm. No doubt. We love them!  SHOP NOW!

Do I need a freezer for my Beef or Pork? And if so what size?

Yes. As a general guide, 50 pounds of meat will fit in about 2.25 cu.ft. of cooler/freezer space. Meat from a side of our Angus beef will weigh roughly 190 – 240 pounds and meat from our whole Berkshire pork a will weigh roughly 140 – 180 pounds. The empty freezer compartment of a new, average-size, home refrigerator is about 4.8 cu.ft. Therefore, you will need a stand-alone freezer to allow for more storage space to keep the meat colder for long-term storage. Stand-alone freezers can maintain temperatures of -10°F or colder. We recommend an upright energy saver with a key lock to ensure the door is not left open and a seal always exist. We also recommend buying bigger than what you estimate. From our experience, we have found that once people try high quality local foods, they start buying all types of local foods. SHOP NOW!

Do your animals receive growth hormones, medicated feed, or medications of any kind?

No. Our animals are born and raised without the use of antibiotics, synthetic hormones or any drugs whatsoever. They are strong, well fed and healthy. If we were to have a sick or injured animal, though, we would do whatever is necessary to save the animal including the use of antibiotics and medications. This would be noted prior to the sale of the meat.

Under full disclosure, the one standard practice we follow is to de-worm our pastured based animals and also apply fly/tick/bug repellant. A good de-worming program keeps the animal healthy and growing. The bug repellant keeps the animal healthy, growing and comfortable. We do not inject our animals. Our parasite program is all “pour on” (like putting tick and bug repellant on your body) and has no withdrawal period.

We think it is totally negligent of any herdsman not to have a parasite program in place  One year we experienced “pink eye” in our herd, due to us being “all natural”, and we will never let that happen again. We also decided not to treat it with antibiotics and let it take its natural course. The cattle were uncomfortable for much of the grazing season while not gaining weight at the levels they normally do.


How do we purchase your meat?


(1) Farmers Markets: Concord NH Summer and Concord NH Winter Farmers Markets.

(2) On-Line. Home Delivery to NH. UPS from Maine to Virginia.

(3) On-Line for Home delivery. No delivery charge for NH. $20 Flat fee for UPS from Maine to Virginia.


How much meat do I get from a whole Berkshire how is it packaged?

Our Berkshires are purebred Berks, happy, healthy and well fed .  As a guide, we try to process our hogs when we expect a hanging weight of around 240 lbs. From our Berkshires, we expect a 70% yield from the carcass so you could expect around 168 lbs. of meat from a whole pork cut into bone-in chops and roasts, closely trimmed, regular ground pork/sausage. All processing is under USDA inspection at Vermont Packing HouseSHOP NOW!

What is the price of a whole Berskhire pork?

Our 2019 price is $7.10 lb hanging weight for Berkshire pork. We try to process the pork when they are around 200lbs hanging weight. So for a whole, the price would be $1420 plus smoking. Any meat (bacon for example) that is requested to be smoked, a smoking charge per lbs is added. All meat is vacuumed sealed individually labeled pieces cut to your specifications. All USDA at Vermont Packing House.  SHOP NOW!

What is the process for ordering Berkshire PORK?
When can I get my pork?

The whole pork is processed in September/October and is ready for customer pick up or delivery in November/December. Curing and smoking takes time. SHOP NOW!