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The animals at Cascade Brook Farm live their lives in the most clean, sanitary, compassionate and natural environment that can be provided.  Quality control is one of our most important goals from birth to packaging. We are proud of the wholesome, tender and flavorful meat produced at our North Sutton, NH Farm. Our animals are processed when they are in top condition, providing our customers with the best tasting meat possible. Our processing is done at a USDA inspected plant, vacuum packed and frozen fresh. We offer delivery or you can pick up at the farm. Additionally, eggs are available, courtesy of our colorful flock of chickens that have free run of the farm during the daylight hours.

The farm consists of 178+ acres of managed New Hampshire grasslands and forest. Currently we have approximately 51 acres in pasture and are in the process of converting another 36 acres from forest to pasture. It was timbered, stumped, fertilized and seeded 2 years ago.  Since then we have been applying more soil amendments (over 600 tons of wood ash to increase the PH level for example). An of course, picking up rocks!  We expect to fence it this spring and have cows on it by the spring/summer of 2014. At this time, the cattle herd, all purebred black Angus, numbers around 26 during the winter and between 40 to 45 during the pasture season.  And this includes our registered champion Black Angus Bull “Douglas”. We are building our herd through genetics of calving ease, carcass merits, maternal instincts and our own observations of temperament, hardiness for the NH winters and more. Our cattle, as all our animals, receive no medications, growth hormones of drugs of any kind. The are well fed and strong. We think our herd is exactly where we want it to be in terms of numbers and  pedigree

As for the people, the farm is owned, managed and worked by Cindy and Ed Canane. Cindy transitioned careers from one in Information Technology to full time farmer/rancher in May 2011. Since I (Ed) am writing this content, I can tell you I and others like to say “she does it all”. As with most farms, someone needs to have off farm income, and that is me. When I am not chained to my desk, I am on the farm working with the livestock and grass farming. It is time consuming, sometimes hard work. We love all our animals unconditionally and cannot imagine anything more rewarding.

Cindy and Ed Canane

Ed and Cindy Canaane
Cindy with the Cows
Cindy Canaane with cattle


We encourage farm tours and hold special events for groups, families and individuals by appointment. See Cascade Brook Farm Reviews at www.localharvest.org

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