Cascade Brook Farm North Sutton, NH


Cascade Brook Farm is a Black Angus Cattle Farm located in North Sutton and New London in the Lake Sunapee Region of New Hampshire. It includes 178+ owned acres devoted to best practices as they relate to the welfare and care of our livestock, wildlife, water, forest and grasslands.

The domestic animals that inhabit the farm include a herd of Black Angus Cattle, Berkshire pigs, a flock of  colorful chickens,  3 horses, and our 2 Great Pyrenees “Bond” and “Charlotte”.

The wild animals living here include all kinds of song birds, predators (coyotes, fox, owls, hawks), turkeys, nesting Canada Geese as well as moose, deer and black bears. Arguably, among the most important are the micro-organisms in the soil and the water that work hard every day towards making our farm a better living environment. We are forever trying to educate ourselves and improve our sustainable farming methods.

100% Grass-Fed, Humanely-Raised Farm Animals

Cascade Brook Farm is dedicated to raising quality Black Angus cattle, Heritage Berkshire pigs and good wholesome food. With happy, safe and contented animals, we feel our farm products (Black Angus beef and Heritage Berkshire pork) are second to none.

Tender, Succulent, Quality Beef And Pork

We hope you will consider purchasing your food directly from the farmers who produce it, live in your community, and help make our culture and living environment the best it can be. There are no better stewards of the environment than farmers  who follow best management practices while returning the appropriate nutrients to the earth.

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